March 28, 2015

Soxx And Tembi Are Strengthening Their Relationship

After complaining that boys don't want to do house work just like in any other season of Big Brother Mzansi, the girls had a full day off from cleaning as the guys got busy spreading the heat in the kitchen. Tembi was only too happy to remind K2 of this… In a bit a flirtatious way if we might add.

Many of us were wondering they were dating as Soxx and Tembi had become quite the item. They were sharing a bed, laying and lazing together and perhaps even making plans together. Let’s just say, if you were looking for Tembi, she was probably hiding inside Soxx’s embrace.

This afternoon the new couple discussed the serious matter of tomorrows (fake) evictions with Soxx expressing that he was worried she may leave soon, or even he’d leave. He was going to miss her but he was staying on his best behaviour as much as, that still may not guarantee things.

They also shared other intimate details of their lives. He revealed that although he had a close relationship with his mother he wasn’t missing. Clearly she had him whipped.

But was all this endearment real? What it do was raise their profile for sure. Couples often hog all the attention so this could be a well mapped out strategy on their part. Was it really any coincidence that Adams and Bexx could be snogging the faces off one another in nooks and crannies all over the house?

Maybe Tembi was using Soxx to distract herself from Adams, or hey they could all be in cahoots.

Or maybe we’re being too harsh. What do you guys think?

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