March 28, 2015

Reminiscing On Their Old Days

Sibu sure enjoys some good old banter. With some Big Brother Mzansi 2015 Housemates down in the doldrums over the controversial events of the Friday Night Games last night some light banter was just what the doctor ordered. Sibu’s care-free way often spurred on the cheerful chatter.

Huddled over the couches in the garden, housemates shared experiences and debated everything under the sun. Speaking at a mile-a-minute and clad in nothing but his board shorts and jewellery Sibu steered conversation in every which direction. Nothing was off-limits with this bunch.

Subjects ranged from the overacting in Nollywood flicks to a popular – and racy – drama series that depicted a bunch of rebellious high school kids and the harsh conditions under which hardly any learning took place.
This then lead them to reminisce over their high-school days with most admitting to thumbs-sucking their way through it and Mbali sharing how tough she was as a prefect.
The usual suspect Soxx even snuck in his usual desperate plea to Biggie for smokes.
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