March 14, 2015

Reminiscing The BBMzansi CaptionTHIS Game

With just a week to go, we’re itching to know how excited Big Brother Mzansi fans are. Well, looking back to Big Brother Mzansi Secrets, we can’t help reminiscing about the CaptionTHIS game,
which got fans excited week on week. Each week, Big Brother published a few images and asked fans to caption them in any way they liked and the result was always hilarious.

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We take you back to some of our favourite CaptionTHIS memes:

Mandlexi: During one of the arena games the housemates enjoyed.

Thando: This was during one of the tasks, when housemates had to come up with a short play.

Chommies, Kat and Loko were just chilling after one of the eviction shows.

Iris: During one of the high-stakes Friday Night Games.

Jase: During one of the Arena games.

Thando: Getting all soaked in paint in the Arena.

Mandla and MK: In the garden.

Mzamo and Kat: Dancing in the rain during a dance task presentation.

Sol and Loko: In the Arena

Mzamo: Showing off his dancing skills during a task presentation.

Poolie and Mandla: When Poolie played a soothsayer.

By the way we have a question for y'all the fans out there, how you will be captioning the housemates’ pictures this season??
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