March 24, 2015

More Housemates Enter The Big Brother Mzansi House

What a shock to the system! Both to natural pairs inside the house as well as the new spontaneous pairs. After a short round of meet-and-greet the new pairs were set to the sails and led into the arena where they would meet their fellow double trouble-makers!

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The status was already looking complicated with some of the natural couples inside the house. You had Adams (of the exes) cosying up to Tiffini (of the siblings) and leaving his old beau Tembi out in the cold.

How would the new arrivals disturb the peace and set the Richter scale off?

As the new pairs were unleashed into the house, the unsuspecting pairs were caught off guard like never before!

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Tembi and Bexx threw themselves onto a couple of blokes, maybe to mark their targets?

The excitement was pulpable as the old welcomed the new. Biggie instructed them to gather around as he announced that nominations were fake. There would, however, be a true batch of nominations after an hour. For now, they were free to fraternize and celebrate.

Let the trouble-making begin.

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