March 28, 2015

Matthias Continues His Chase Over Chelsea

Since Big Brother Mzansi 2015 started, we haven't really witnessed any housemates seriously in love however today Matthias and Chelsea were getting closer and closer.
She had her sights set on him and made sure to alert him to it. He picked up on her flirting and interest and the rest was history. This afternoon they shared their past experiences with dating.

The brother came with experience. He’d been in love many times before and shared his experience with one particular island flame that he’d let slip away. He described the girl with much fondness and revealed he wasn’t quite over her.

She told him she wasn’t looking for any attachments and the single life suited her just fine. She even said she preferred to “pick, chose and refuse” who she spent her time with.

Although they both agreed that they had somewhat of a taste for the exotic in their dalliances, there was the sense that they were playing down the fact that they were into each other. While they were getting to know one another they weren’t trying give too much away. Tactical pair this!

With Blue out of the way who do you reckon will make the first move between these two?

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