March 04, 2015

Mandla Relaxes By Swimming As Lexi Showers Him Love

We just can't stop updating you about the love life of Mandla and Lexi, at least not now!!. To begin with, these two have a Reality TV Show which premiered on 3rd-March-2015 on Mzansi Magic.

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Also if you aren't aware, Mandla and Lexi are now Trending [online] in South Africa which explains a lot why we'll keeping updating you about these two lovebirds on daily basis because I think they really deserve the fame and attention, don't they?? maybe you can give your opinion.....

Lexi posted this photo with a message: "He LOVES swimming now  iloveyou @eenmcloud"
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Recently Mandla and Lexi pushed out just to relax and have fun and while the dude [Mandla] was swimming, Lexi took it upon herself to shower her man with love......

This's is Lexi's message: " He LOVES swimming now ๐Ÿ˜€☺๐Ÿ˜ iloveyou @eenmcloud "
                                        " The excitement!!! #MandlaLexi #PAPproductions #love

The beauty queen posted the pic below with words written in bold, you can see it for your selves......
Lexi posted this Pic with a message: "The excitement!!! #MandlaLexi #PAPproductions #love"
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