March 04, 2015

Mandla And Lexi Are Now Trending [Online] In South Africa

Despite the fact that they met inside the Big Brother Mzansi house and finally became real lovers, Mandla and Lexi are now headlining the entertainment news,
 - they have a lot of fans and followers on the internet, they are on television and most of the biggest radio stations in Mzansi.

This's what Lexi said about this: "Lexi Van is now trending.... wow okay. Feels nice tho"
After their Reality show 'Mandla and Lexi Reality' premiered on television yesterday, the Big Brother Mzansi lovebirds are now Trending On The Internet and this indicates more success in the world of entertainment for them.

This is what Lexi said about this: "#MandLexi is trending!!!! OMG! Lawwwddddd!!!"

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