March 24, 2015

Live Feed: Day 2

19:45 After Blue was dared to give Soxx a lapdance, she gave him the performance of her life. "This is the best day of my life," Soxx declared as he thanked Biggie.

19:15 Still on Truth or Dare, Matthias was dared to suckle Kay's breast, exes Adams and Tembi kissed for 30 second and Soxx kissed Lebo for a minute.

19:00 To ease the tension, it was Truth or dare time and Ex was dared to break dance, Lebo twerked, Khali and Bongi kissed for 30 seconds, Kay and Chelsea kissed for 10 seconds.

18:41 Ex and Lebo stand up and tell their housemates that they save Gino and Tiffini and put up Adams and Tembi. The tension is so thick right now.

18:40 By virtue of being HoH, Lebo and Ex are immune from nominations. The HoH must save and replace one pair openly in the lounge. The housemates are shocked!

18:39 The fake nominations are announced; Ace and Ntombi, Bongi and Khali, Gino and Tiffini, Lebo and Ex and K2 and Blue.

18:20 It's task time and as part of the Match Maker theme, the housemates will be playing Truth or Dare in the garden.

17:30 Blue and K2 start their diary session by explaining what their names mean. K2 tops that up with a few rap bars for Biggie.

17:20 There's a serious chat about food wasting in the house and the housemates want to get to the bottom of it.

16:57 It's Ntombi and Ace's turn in the diary room and they bring a blanket with. Looks like they will be staying long.

16:47 Ex says he's getting close to Mbali, Chelsea and likes Tiffini and Bexx as friends. I see lebo as a partner, as a sister, as a homie," Ex adds.

16:40 Lebo tells Biggie that she's been playing the housemates with the whole British accent and pretending to not understand any local languages. "I'll get them. They'll slip and they will gossip about me or about Ex and I'll get them<" Lebo stressed.

16:30 Kay tells Pumba that the two of them need to start doing things together - even if for a week

16:15 Pumba tells Biggie that he's "not trying to fall asleep" till Thursday so he'll see how that plan goes. "Sleep is killing time," Pumba adds. He says he's kind of worried about nominations but Kay quickly stops him in his tracks; "stop worrying because then you'll start thinking of strategy la".

15:50 Sibu and Matthias feel like there's something not right with Gino and have decided to keep their eyes on him.

15:40 Bexx called Soxx to order during their diary session and she reminded him to keep his eyes on the prize. She admitted to being intimidated by the new housemates but was quickly picking herself up.

15:25 Bongi and Khali told Biggie that being nominated was a wake up call and reminded them that this is a game. Soxx told Biggie that he's geling well with Ex wishes his partner, Lebo would never stop speaking. He added that Mbali is playing the game well. Bexx agreed; "she can hold a group, she's nice."

15:00 Girl power Mbali and Chelsea are next in the diary room and it seems like they have decided to use this as their own catchup session. Chelsea ocassionally fills Biggie in on her love-hate relationship with Matthias. Mbali's worried about exlovers Tembi and Adams. "He flirts with every girl and I can see her...".

14:45 Gino tells Biggie that he was disappointed last night when his sister asked him to swap sleeping spaces with someone she had just met, Mbali. The siblings have been asked to resolve their differences. "I was disappointed that he showered naked in front of everybody," Tiffini said, adding that she was embarrassed about it.

14:35 Diary sessions kick off with Tiffini and Gino. Gino says he was a bit dissapointed with the new housemates, 'new flavour' as Biggie calls them.

14:05 HoH Lebo reads out the safety brief to the housemates, stressing that Biggie takes this seriously. The housemates have been asked to familiarise themselves with all the emergency exit points in the house.

13:50 Sibu wants to get to know his fellow housemates better. Bexx declares that she was dumped in January. "What a loss for him," Mbali cries before Bexx adds that she was actually dumped by SMS because of distance. Sibu says it's 'out of sight, out of mind' for him too.

13:45 Bongi and Chelsea are chatting about losing virginity and love. "How old were you when you lost your virginity," she asks. Well, Chelsea did say she was looking for a cuddly buddy - could this be the right candidate? Khali!

13:30 The week's theme is Match Maker and will spark off challenges and tasks to assist housemates with getting to know one another.

13:15 Once in the diary room, Biggie tells Lebo that the housemates will have to wager before going through the task. Back in the diary room, Lebo and Ex confirm the 50 percent wager and are handed the task brief.

13:00 HoH Lebo goes through the mechanics of a task wager. There's confusion around whether to wager before or after knowing what the task is.

12:40 Kay tells Ntombi and Bongi how she started smoking while the trio chills in the patio.

12:15 The Full summary of the fake nominations, Check them out here:

12:05 Ntombi offers to advise Biggie during her joint nomination session. This after she and her man Ace nominated Bongi and Khali.

11:50 For Pumba and Kay, K2 and Blue have to go because K2 hasn't come out of his shell. Tiffini and Gino nomnated Khali and Bongi, stating that they have changed. Blue and K2 go for Chelsea and Mbali. "This cleaning thing is just for them to be liked by everyone," Blue says.

11:40 Bongi and Khali get the boot from Lebo and Ex. Bongi and Khali decided on Bexx and Soxx stating that they are putting on a show. "It just got real, we not holding punches any more," Khali said.

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11:30 While deliberating on their decision, the dreadlocked pair of Sibu and Matthias had two driving factors: they were not going to nominate a pair from the second launch group and they were to go for a pair that's the most likely to be nominated. They decided on Tiffini and Gino, so did ex-lovers Adams and Tembi. "They are forgettable," Adams said.

11:15 Nominations commence with the girl duo, Mbali and Chelsea. After dilly-dallying a bit, they settle for Ntombi and Ace."Just 'cause we have to nominate someone," Mbali said. Cousins Bexx and Soxx nominate Bongi and Khali. "I still don't get along fine with Khali. She's always trying to steal the limelight," Soxx said, while Bexx added that "She's kinda in your face," referring to Khali.

11:11 Khali is braiding Matthais's hair. Should Bongi be jealous?

10:49 Kay is intrigued by Matthais and asks to see something that she shouldn't although he kindly declines.

10:17 Housemates show each other pictures of their families and younger selves.

10:01 Tiffini reveals she isn't ready to shower naked just yet.

09:42 Sibu reveals he has been arrested 10 times in his life.

09:31 Mbali explains her massive scar on her thigh that she got from breaking into her own house just a week before she came to the Big Brother house.

09:16 Khali does laundry for Bongi and herself while he keeps her company and wonders what her mom would think about her doing her boyfriend's laundry. Is she playing wifey too soon?

09:05 Tembi flaunts her cooking skills.

09:01 The housemates fill their bellies after a hectic workout.

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