March 23, 2015

Live Feed: Day 1

19:30  It's time for the second launch show, Tune into Mzansi Magic channel 161 for the live Launch show.

19:08 Biggie calls the housemates into the living room.

18:20  Tiffini cooks up a storm in the kitchen while upstairs, Adams, Tembi and Bongi talk about flatulence. 

17:35  Bongi drives Khali to distraction "What is my weakness?" she keeps asking him, again and again, but he will not answer her and it is driving her crazy, he keeps saying "Listen... not with your ears, listen with your heart." 

16:55  tiffini chates to Ace in the kitchen and tells him what she is going to make. Biggie plays music in the house. Adams and Khali dance.

16:42  The housemates talk dating and relationships. Some are louder than others. Is it better to take charge of the conversation or to sit back and observe?

16:13  Gino and Tiffini are in the diary room and admit that they are not very close but that they are working on it.

15:54  Ace and Ntombi talk about Ntombi slipping on stage at the live show. They have a great sense of humour "Biggie, I am in love with the mirror" they give a shoutout to their son who is watching. They discuss who they like and who they are not so sure about. They feel they have an advantage because they are "raw and real"

15:32  Bongi and Khali have their first diary session. They feel that Soxx and Bexx are really loud and that they are fixating on cigarettes.

15:13  Soxx and Bexx are in the diary room and they both are wanting more alcohol and Soxx is craving cigarettes. Soxx argues briefly with Bexx "It's my diary session too."

14:56  Tembi and Adams are in the diary room and discuss how they are finding the other couples. Bongo and Khali are currently their favourite couple. Adams admits that he is crushing on Tiffini.

14:36  Gino  explains why he didn’t exercise this morning as it was “doctors’ orders”

14:16  the housemates are organising stuff and Khali is giving instruction on how to organise the fridge and why she put stuff the way she did and teaching Gino one or two vernacular words and what they mean

13:41  The housemates are alll  getting to know each other and feel each other out. How will they react to the 10 new housemates coming into the house this evening?

13:15  Housemates are singing. Ace and Gino bond over the braai.

12:31  Adams and Tiffini sing Adelle's ":Love you too"

12:15  Tiffini shares some memories of her friends and family while going through photographs with Adams and Tembi.

12:00  Bongi, Adams and Tembi talk about how men can seperate love from sex.

11:44  Ace, Soxx and Gino all make lunch in the kitchen. Ace says he is going to do a braai. 

11:10  Adams and Tembi are in the diary room. 

11:00 Tiffini, Adams and Ntombi play cards. Biggie calls Soxx and Bexx into the diary room.

10:38  Khali, Ntombi and the rest of the housemates are deep in discussion, they play a game with their hands on the table.

10:14  "I wanted to be a model, I wanted to be a celebrity" Ntombi says she has never been afraid of the spotlight.

09:58 Ntombi sings while she washes the dishes. "I can't stand the kitchen, it looks too beautiful to look like this."

09:11 Khali  and Adams start getting breakfast ready.

09:00 The housemates were up bright and early this morning with their morning exercises, but now they get cleaned up, and make theire beds. Let's hope the routine and habit will last.

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