March 24, 2015

Kuli And Dineo Had New Quotes Once Again

Biggie’s Gossip Queens were at it again during the second Double Trouble launch and as the housemates were busying themselves with finding pairs, they hung out their dirty laundry.

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After K2 set off with Blue, Kuli was ready with “They look like the perfect Mr and Miss Matric Dance,” what with Blue and her baby blue evening dress complete with a tiara. “Blue dated a guy she wasn’t in love with, it was just for the ...,” Kuli added. Well, who would have known that Blue actually has a twin sister? Thank you Gossip Queens.

So Matthias speaks SeSotho, Xhosa and Zulu but has decided to keep this a secret throughout the game. Yep, that’s what Kuli let out from the Gossip Hub after Matthias had taken off with his partner Sibu.

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So, we’ve heard Lebo’s British accent right? Well, that’s thanks to her 12 years in Britain so we understand – but not the Gossip Queens. After she chose Ex to play the game with, Dineo was quick to say; “u Ex uzo-solva this British accent we’re dealing with”. No one could escape unscathed tonight as Pumba and Kay were next on the Gossip’s chopping block.

“I-peplum ngathi yi crop top,” Dineo said about Kay’s peplum top before bursting into laughter.

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