March 28, 2015

Is It Right For The Guys Not To Do House Work?

The fight over house chores in Big Brother house have been endless within the housemates.  While a few of them act responsible and take an initiative towards the maintenance of the house.
HoH Ex laid some ground rules and told everyone that he was sick and tired of babysitting and some of them just find a reason to shed work at every opportunity they get.

“Everything they’ve lost they didn’t love, it was a reason and they should learn” said Ex.  He also stated that, they need to love themselves and they in

K2 felt that Ex was spoiling housemates and that he brought it on to himself that he had to sit down grown people and doing their beds every morning.  He also stated that he must do what he feels could work as HoH.

Khali specified that there was an unsaid notion that every household duty was to be done by the ladies of the house and that all guys except for Gino, do not wash dishes or do house chores.  Some guys claimed that they do offered to do chores but they were turned down by some of the ladies.

Kay stated the fact that everyone's opinion should be respected and people should listen to each other's notions.  According to Ace, they can’t be dirty at this stage of their lives and maybe they should write “Clean as you go” on the kitchen walls.

“This house was made of rules from day one and the golden rule has always been the house should be clean” proclaimed Mbali.

Housemates believed that everyone should play their part and no incentives should be involved and should take leadership.

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