March 23, 2015

Is it Love Between Adams And Tiffini

It is day one and already Adams has his eyes set on someone in the house. He admitted as much to Biggie in his diary session. The object of his obsession is Tiffini. He spent much of the day cozying up to her on the couch. 

What does Tembi think of this, they say they are over, but will this stir up old feelings of jealousy in her? In their diary session,Tiffini said that she felt that Tembi was getting jealous and said that she wanted to keep it cool with Adams as she felt a bit "frazzled" by the attention and did not want to "be that girl".

Tiffini shared memories with Adams and some of the other housemates, going through photographs of her friends and family. Soon Adams brought out his guitar and they were singing an Adelle song together. Is this a strategy or is he smitten by the Cape Town beauty? Is she leading him on or is she genuinely interested in this him? Is Adams setting himself up for a big fall?

She says that she wants to keep it slow and that she does not want to upset Tembi as she can see that Tembi is not too keen on Adams's pursuit of Tiffini. Gino says that he has Tiffini's back and that he had also noticed that Tembi was a bit jealous. Time will tell as to how this complicated scenario will play out.

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