March 16, 2015

How New Housemates Can Easily Survive Inside The Brother Mzansi House

Being a Big Brother Mzansi housemate is exciting but the experience can be a wild and unpredictable one. Stripped of all your creature comforts the house can resemble somewhat of a battlefield.

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Are you feeling bored? Sadly you can’t take your favourite book inside to keep you company. Do you suffer a burdensome fear of missing out on the latest craze over the internet? A phobia otherwise known as FOMO? Alas you’ll have to forgo your social media addictions for the time being.
But not to worry because we have a compiled the Big Brother Mzansi Survival Kit and we’ve peppered it with just a few things we reckon might come in handy for the new housemates.

Laughter is the best medicine
All the shrinks and the agony aunties will tell you that a good sense of humour will see you through the toughest of trying times. You need this particular trait in the house. Often in buckets and buckets. Whether you employ your humour to soften all the overly-serious types or in a strategy as a weapon against the dissolve of sanity, just put a smile on your dial. If for nothing else, do it because it’s infectious. In same breath, however, don’t be the insensitive guy.

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A box of Kleenex
Sometimes you just can’t laugh, then you may be doing some crying. We’ve seen weeping faces and empathised with many a heart-broken housemate. It all comes with the territory. Some are better than others at holding back the tears but sometimes the stronger players are the ones who wear their hearts on their sleeves. So carry your box of Kleenex you might just land a charming shoulder to cry on.

A poker face
The Big Brother house is a hot bed of temperament. It’s a game of personalities which makes it trickier. So, in a game of emotions where people can – and do – become pawns, it’s hard to find someone to trust. Often, you yourself can’t be trusted. But you probably shouldn’t let that show. Keep your poker face about you and play your cards right.

An umbrella
Yes, that’s right. You need an umbrella going into the house ironically enough. With all the ego sprouting from every which direction shade will be thrown, and sometimes in full view of everybody in heated confrontation. You will need an umbrella for all the shade, shots, hail, pouring rain and scorching heat you may come under. Come prepared.

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The eye of the tiger and the cream of the fight
Nice guys finish last. Sometimes. The world of the Big Brother house is a tough place to be. You need to be tougher if you hope to stand a chance. A fighting spirit is invaluable when tackling tasks and surviving those dreaded weekly nominations stretches. Pack all that drive and hunger in your fanny sack and strap it in soldier. And let the games begin.

A party trick
Everybody loves a good party. There is nothing like a fabulous celebration to quench a week of grinding and thirst-inducing hard work. We always look forward to a night of revelry and misbehaving as housemates drape themselves in only their sparkly best and take to the dancefloor. It is thus very necessary to have a party tricky and be the life of the party so that all eyes are on you.

Breath mints
On the topic, when you’ve succeeded in commanding all the attention, how do you keep it? Make sure you’re fresh and minty at all times. Swagger doesn’t happen without effort, so you have to put in the hard work. Give fans and possible suitors a million-and-one reasons to swoon.

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Be a sport
Pack a healthy attitude alongside your training gear. You shouldn’t miss the morning workout sessions but listen, no one’s judging. We do, however, encourage this. Physical vitality feeds an overall positive feeling. So be the one to get it all in the morning.

A bag of safety pins
While it’s only the strong that survive we all have a breaking point. It’s allowed, but breaking doesn’t mean falling apart so, in this very likely event you will need safety pins to pull yourself together. Develop and nurture your coping mechanism because the further you go the more you might find yourself dipping in your reserves for another safety pin.

Travel light
Lastly, leave the baggage out of it. No one’s advising you to be the airy type that laughs at every moving thing but try not to take things too personally. Have fun, loosen up and play the game like a hero.

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