March 23, 2015

Housemates Test Each others Boundaries

First impressions are important, and the housemate’s conversations have been setting a good tone for the relationships they have been building for the weeks to come.They are still in the honeymoon phase and are testing each other’s boundaries.

Housemates played a hand game which they all seemed not to understand. You would think Ntombi had been asked to perform something crazy by the look on her face. They can learn so much from each other from just listening and playing random games.

Some housemates will become best of friends, but at this moment they still care about what each other thinks. Bongi, Adams and Thembi chilled in the garden and talked about sex, love and went into detail about how men can sleep with women they are not attracted to. Are they disclosing too much information about themselves?

Housemates decided to have a braai, Khali made pap and Ace braai'ed the meat. Guys still complained about not being supplied with alcohol and cigarettes. Soxx, ever the exhibitionist, can’t keep his shirt on and Ntombi has started with the name calling, guess who “secret socks” is! Gino appears to be becoming the father figure in the house, he cleaned, washed dishes and gave some ladies a massage. How long that will last with new housemates coming in the house tonight?

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