March 28, 2015

Ex And Lebo Involved In A Swapping

Biggie let the pairs that came into the house on Monday night know that they were going to be given the opportunity to change their partners.
Biggie had alluded to this during the diary sessions during the week and the second round of games was tailored to this end. The pairs that had entered the house on Sunday as official pairs were made to be members of the "audience" and Biggie explained that he would ask one member of the "audience to spin the wheel to randomly select the order in which the couples would go.

Biggie explained the mechanics of the game: a pair would go up on stage and stand next to a LED podium. They would then roll a dice and the housemate who rolled the highest would be able to go first. Biggie would then ask them directly if they were happy with their partner and if they wanted to swap with anyone else. If a housemate decided that they wanted to change their partner, Biggie would then ask them with whom they wanted to change.

Biggie would then ask the housemate that was mentioned whether or not they accepted the proposal. On acceptance, they would then be paired with that housemate for the rest of the game and would move on to the audience, or "official partners" panel. They would no longer be available for selection and the remaining partner would then bevcome available as a single housemate.

Blue rolled first but K2 rolled a higher number and was asked if he was happy withhis partner, he said that he was happy. Blue wanted to stay with K2 too. "It's simple, Biggie, we get along perfectly" said K2. 

Ex and Lebo were called up next and Lebo won the right to be asked first. Lebo said that she wanted to stay with K2 but K2 said that he wanted to swap. 
He decided to choose Pumba who declined. Lebo said that she was not surprised. Biggie gave Ex one more chance and he decided on Mbali who too declined. Ex became available for selection. Matthias and Sibu wasted no time in saying that they were both happy with their partners.

Next up were Kay and Pumba who both decided to stay in their partnership. Kay said "I understand my baby, so I want to stay with him." Chelsea and Mbali decided to stay with each other. In the meantime, Ex whispered non stop in Lebo's ear, doing his best to backtrack. None of the partners changed.

How will this affect Ex and Lebo's game moving forward, could Ex's attitude come back to haunt him moving forward? Tune in to Mzansi Magic channel 161 on Sunday night for the live "fake" eviction show. 

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