March 30, 2015

Ex And Lebo Had To Choose Between The Money And The Game

And what do you know?  Biggie just dropped one hell of a news flash on Ex and Lebo. As the lucky pair that answered the phone - again - earlier he was about to give the couple news that would blow them out of the water.

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Having enjoyed a sizzling performance from rapper and vernacular lyricist Duncan, the pair were on natural high. They had no way of knowing that their fate in the game was to be brought to its knees. Their course in the game was about to be flipped on its head.

Had Ex and Lebo made their worst or the best decision to be made? When asked why he jumped for the phone for a second time, he said he owed it all to luck.

Lungile pointed the pair in the direction of a briefcase. While it appeared like any other briefcase what it held inside it was no ordinary thing. Inside the mysterious briefcase was a hundred thousand reasons why you could never confirm the tricks that Biggie had up his sleeve.
With housemates left behind and the world watching Big Brother offered the couple R100,000 just like that. But of course there was sting. If the couple took the cash prize this would signal the end of the road for them as housemates in Big Brother Mzansi. Yes! If they made off with the money they were to leave immediately. There was no return

If they reckoned exiting the game wasn’t worth the big bucks and declined Biggies offer they would return to the house empty handed. They would however, still be in the running for the two million grand prize. But what if they end up not winning the money, then they will have missed out doubly!

This was an offer of a lifetime and chances were Biggie wasn’t going to repeat it. The pair were given only 90 seconds to make the decision.

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