March 28, 2015

Day 6: Live Feed

16:50 Housemates hang out in the garden and look forward to tonights party.

16:30 With Pumba MIA for most of the day, his partner Kay wakes from her slumber wondering where the heck he may be hiding.

16:16 Chelsea and Matthias have a heart-to-heart about what they expect in relationships. 

15:55 Tembi finds Adams and tells him she misses him. He admits to being distant given recent developments.

15:35 Tembi shares her personal story with K2 and Lebo.

15:17 Chelsea shares the irregularity of her bowl movements with poor Lebo after a long discussion about how she wasn't willing to share her sweets with housemates.

14:50 Ex does an impressive 40 push-ups while Tiffini manages a groundbreaking one!

14:42 Tembi, Blue and Lebo try tell the time inside the house.

14:20 Mbali and Ntombi share hairstyle tips.

14:05 Kitchen rivals Gino and Matthias plate up a yummy hearty lunch for the housemates.

13:45 Housemates reminsice over their first moment on the Big Brother Mzansi stage last week during the launch show.

13:28 K2 and Chelsea have a harmless chit chat as they rub each other down during thier shower.

13:06 Could it really be love between Soxx and Tembi or are they maybe playing one another?

12:43 Today the girls get a break from cleaning.

12:26 Cigarettes are becoming a pressing issue in the shopping too. 

12:11 Housemates go at the shopping as a collective and are doing a fine job of it.

11:47 Ex runs housemates through the shopping process pointing out to them that there was little time to shop and housemates had to make it snappy.

11:20 Kay takes her turn to laze away on the hammock.

11:04 Pumba and Khali enjoy chatting as housemates housemates hang outside in the garden.

10:40 Ntombi takes some much needed time alone to reflect and sing her favourite tune while relaxing on the hammock. Ace checks up on her. Sweet!

10:23 The boys share their 'Ben-Ten' experiences with Lebo.

10:00 Umm... could Tembi and Soxx be dating?

09:40 Sibu is getting everyone all jovial this morning with all his joking about. He announces that carrots and mayonnaise go splendidly together.

09:22 Housemates start rising and shining to the sounds of some groovey Saturday morning tunes. Tembi and Soxx seem to be getting closer. Adams fiddles with his guitar.

09:00 Looks like an uphill battle this morning as housemates struggle to drag themsleves out of bed.

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