March 28, 2015

Day 5: Live Feed

18:44  The housemates are rxcited about the upcoming  games, Biggie calls the HoH pair into the diary room.

18:10  Lebo and Ex gather everyone in the lounge to read out the first game task for tonight.

17:58  Soxx and Tembi have a nap together snuggled in each others arms. The first couple outside of the couples emerges.

17:21  Ace and Matthias discuss tonights party while braaing.

16:51  Tembi talks about her "first time" to Soxx while he strokes her hair.

16:31  Pumba, Khali, and Adams talk about competitiveness. Mbali is gossiping again. Matt says that Ntombi's "innocence is beautiful," Chelsea snuggles up to him.

16:06  Soxx and his new beau, Tembi chat to, Tiffini, Sibu and others in the kitchen. Tiffini washes dishes while Soxx and Tembi can't keep their hands off each other. Sibu explains how he wants his burger made.

15:49  Chelsea, Pumba, Lebo, Bongi and company talk phobias. Maggots etcetera.

15:30  Chelsea. Soxx, Pumba and Ace talk about when the alarm went off this morning for the training session. They discuss sleeping positions. 

15:10  Tiffini is feeling fragile and does not appreciate K2 making light of it.

14:57   Tiffini, Soxx and K2 have a fun conversation in the bedroom area.

14:23  "You know, this is a pressure cooker, you know, it's not personal, I am just venting" says Gino.

14:13  The rain pours down as the housemates discuss how they wagered the previous night's presentation.

14:00  Gino mentions that the housemates must speakin English as it is part of the rules as Kay keeps reverting back to her language.

13:40  Ex talks about Ntombi and about how she went out of her way talking even without her voice.

13:20 Adams and Pumba make it through to the final round and vie for the chance to win a spa treatment from Big Brother.

13:15 The housemates conclude round two of the their challenge in the arena. Tembi, Mbali, Pumba, Adams and Sibu win and move onto round two.

13:05 Kay and Sibu brainstorm how to better their chances at winning the Double or Nothing challenge.

13:00 Big Brother pauses the astrology task and Ex reads the housemates their first Double or Nothing challenge.

12:46 Kay agrees with everything written about her by the astrologer and admits that initially she didn't see how her partnership with Pumba would work but now she's grateful for their union.

12:37  The task is a good bonding session for all of the housemates, they are all able to learn more about their fellow housemates. 

12:27  Chelsea and Mbali discuss their partnership and says that she took offence to K2 saying that she sleeps all day; she said that she had a migraine the previous day.

11:57  The housemates react to what was read out. Lebo reads out her and Ex's profile. Matthias talks about his partnership with Sibu. Matthias playes devil's advocate.

11:37  Housemates read profiles of fellow housemates in the astrology task and then react to what has been read out.

11:28  K2 aqnd Blue have their profiles read out to the rest of the housemates.

11:14  Biggie calls the Head of House pair into the diary room. Ntombi's voice has returned, as Gino is finding out.

11:00  Matthias and Blue continue their flirtation, they pose and dance, arm in arm in front of a mirror

10:40 Sibu, Ex and Bongi share the tales of close calls with dangerous criminals.

10:15 Matthias reveals he is serious about bewithcing Blue and is trying to get some of her fair from her hairbrush to finish the voodoo doll. Do you think it'll work?.

09:45 Matthias shares his disatisfaction with the Head of House couple because they've been rationing the alcohol on behalf of the housemates. Is Matt a trouble maker?

09:30 Adams and Tembi discuss being themselves in the house and it's effect on the game then Tembi asks Adams if he's cool with her getting close to Soxx. He's says he's cool with it but is he telling the truth?

09:00 After a healthy workout session, the housemates freshen up and hangout outside taking it easy.

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