March 26, 2015

Day 4: Live Feed

21:10 Sibu tells Biggie Matthias is the schemer between the two and he would swop if he could.

20:40 Ex reveals he isn't quite as satisified with Lebo as his partner during his indivdual diary session wth Biggie.

20:20 Blue and K2 make their way into the diary room. They both seem disappointed with the loss.

20:00 Ace, Tiffini and Lebo withdraws to the kitchen after a sombre wager loss.

19:42 A spectacular fashion show but Biggie was less than impressed. Housemates lose their first ever wager for 50%.

19:25 Khali and her baby-boo Bongi are the golden couple.

19:09 Couples are summoned to take up thier postions.

18:58  The housemates make their last changes and preperations for tonights presentation

18:27  The house is extremely quiet. preparing for the task presentation. Everyone gathers in the living room. Blue reads the brief of the presentation.

18:07  "Who takes a shirt?" Who takes a pot of food?"

17:58  Items are taken out of the box and the housemates need to guess and make a unanimous decision about who put the items in the box. The pots are pulled up and the tension rises.

17:45  Lebo and Ex are in the diary room, they have to read out a task brief to the housemates. It pertains to the box in the living room.

17:30  Matthias and Sibu discuss strategy, they say they are going to keep quiet for the next few days while they allow the rest of the house to party up a storm and sit back and watch. They plan on stockpiling their alcohol from this week for the following week.

17:23  Matthias tells Blue that he thinks she is "better than that" and that her mother raised her better than that. He is still upset about teh food from last night.

17:00  Kay,  and K2 are deep in conversation on the sofa.

16:30  Soxx and Bexx have their diary session. Biggie tells Soxx that he is looking snazzy today.They talk about the cliques that are forming in the house,. Team no sleep

16:04  Chelsea and Mbali discuss how Blue and K2 put the food into the box. Chelsea is sick.Mbali says that she was observing the housemates who were up for "nominations." They have noticed tha Sibu is instigating and manipulative.

15:37  Tiffini and Gino think that it was a good strategy for Blue and K2 to have taken the food. Tiffini talks about her like for Ex, however, she knows he is a player. Biggie notices that the two of them are sitting closer together.

15:26  Ntombi and Ace entertain Biggie in the diary room. They feel that their relationship is even better in the house. They feel that Sibu has gone a buit too far.

15:08  Tembi and Adams feel that certain partners are also playing the game individually. Tembi's voice is hoarse...

14:46  Chelsea discusses her ideas for accessories for her outfit, wanting to make bright and colourful garments. Kay and Pumba are in the housemate. Kay wants to see a psychologist as she is angry and does not want to do anything stupid. She is not happy with K2

14:00  Blue and Sibu have a disagreement over fabric "He must show respect!"

13:40  Sibu and Matthias throw paint on their garments and leave them in the sun to dry

13:18  Ex says that he has never worn a suit, he says that he cannot "afford a good time"

13:00  Tiffini wraps a toe show on Ex's foot while Blue looks on.

12:37  Lebo "Lift your foot, hey now, what's your problem?" The house is awash with colour as matrial is being cut and sewed in a quiet house. Ace an Soxx are talking in the walk-in closet,

12:15  The housemates are hard at work interpreting their personalities into an outfit.

11:58  K2 builds a material fort

11:41  Sibu and Matthias check out the task description again and they say that they will decide if they want to share with the rest of the housemates. The fashion show theme means that Sibu is in his element

11:28  Ntombi jokingly asks Kay "Were you a hooker?" The housemates gather in the living room for HoH to read out the task. Ex stirs the pot a bit with yesterdays disagreements.

11:12  Soxx says that he didn't eat. Tembi. Mbali and Ntombi discuss the subject of "Anatomy" in school.

10:45  Matthias asks the guys, "How does a pot with beef stew represent you?"

10:30  Chelsea doesn't like food being wasted

10:00  Matthias thinks housemates should treat each other with respect

09:30  Tembi wished Tembi Seete a belated bday

09:15  Housemates discuss this Sundays eviction and Ace reassures them that he is not going anywhere and has his money on someone else going. Kay thinks that no-one is going home this Sunday

09:00 The housemates go through their early morning training session

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