March 25, 2015

Day 3: Live Feed

21:00 It's not all bad between Gino and Tiffini. The two have a heart to heart about their challenges and eventually iron out their difference. Will the truce last forever?

20:45 Biggie treats the housemates to some alcohol and cigarettes however the Heads of House, Ex and Lebo decided to keep some cigarettes for themselves without the knowledge of the other housemates.

20:30 The struggle from the smokers continue as Kay attempts to make her own cigarette with the left over tobacco in the stumps.

20:15 Ex shows off his rapping skills by reciting rhymes by AKA. He jokes that he has better lyrics than the rapper he "looks up tto".

19:40 Khali and Bexx whip up supper in the kitchen.

19:15 Chelsea admits she loves trouble but doesnt want it to be over small things like the theft of her cigarettes.So she'll let it go but she'd like Big Brother to atleast embarass the culprit by playing surveillance footage of him or her stealing the cigarettes.

18:47  Gino and Tiffini are called into the diary room for their session. Tiffini feels that there is a lot of tension between Gino and her. He feels that everyone is messing with her about him.

18:29  K2 and Blue cozy up and discuss Johannesburg. Blue says she is a "Hustler"

18:10  Khali and Bongi discuss the balance of being Head of House and being a housemate.

17:56  Tembi and Adams say that they reckon that Soxx and Bexx are getting on each others nerves.

17:30  Ntombi is lamenting her loss of voice.

16:52  Ntombi tells Biggie in the diarly room that she has found a new job in the house and says that she is going to be "the paparazzi in the house." She asked Biggie for something to help her get her voice back as she "misses talking."

16:26  Housemates do their task in the garden

16:14  The housemates discuss smoking and rationing cigarettes, Bongi says that people are talking too much about something so trivial.

15:57   K2 and Blue take the food that Matthias had prepared for dinner and threw it in Biggies box.

15:42  Sibu and the restof the housemnates have a fun conversation outside while K2 and Blue have a heart to heart in the kitchen. Lebo says she likes nothing more than cuddling on a guys chest watching a movie

15:15  K2 and Blue have their diary session

14:56  Lebo and Ex have their diary session now. They loved the Truth or Dare task from yesterday. Ex reckons that he is popular with the ladies. He mentions Tiffini "And now she is into me", Chelsea and Mbali, is he dreaming or is he going to be the player in the house? Lebo is starting to like Ex after initially being a bit put off by his ego.

14:33  K2 brings Blue to tears as he speaks to her about his relationship with his parents. Kay and Pumba are in the diary room, he discusses the earlier fight in the house. Pumba reveals that he knows what happened to Chelseas cigarettes. Pumba took them and is keeping them to see how it all pans out, Kay is shocked.

14:15  Sibu and Matthias are in the diary room. Matthias discusses his "beef" with Soxx and says that he is now gunning to get Soxx out of the house. Sibu discusses their lack of trust for Gino and that there is something "not kosher about him." Sibu leaves the room and Matthias tells Biggie that he feels he has the best partner in the house.

13:54  Soxx and Bexx are in the diary room and Soxx is effusive about how much he enjoyed yesterdays task of truth or dare. "Still having an awesome time today." Bexx also enjoyed the game and she loved the party session.

13:46  Gino and Ace "Know where Matt is coming from." Biggie calls the HoH pair into the diary room. 

13:31  Lebo reads the next task to the housemates. Lebo hands the paper over to Ex to read again. Housemates must take an item from a couple that they feel represents that couple and put it into a box supplied by Biggie.

13:24  Blue reveals that she has been engaged twice. Biggie tells the housemates to go into the garden and close the front door.

13:16  Mbali, Chelsea and Tembi talk guys, "I love men who love their moms." Ace and Ntombi chat to Matthias about their child.  Blue hangs on Matthias's every word

12:35  Tembi, Chelsea and Mbali talk about Soxx. The common consensus is that he is "hot but not cocky"

12:23  Cigarette-gate is ongoing. Chelsea quietly observes while Kay abnd Sibu make enough noise for everyone. Matthias is in the kitchen portioning out the rice

12:11  Sibu - "This is the first time I have ever been so happy to touch another mans lips"

12:03  The task is finally underway. donuts are being eaten, Khali chokes... eating without hands and with their partnersa proves to be difficult.

11:48  Biggie gets the bickering housemates, tension is mounting, Matthias tells Soxx that he will "make it his goal to get him out of the house" if he "ever speaks to me like that again." The task has brought out huge divisions in the house.

11:40  K2 and Ex have words, Lebo has her say too. Tension in the house is rising and it is only day three. Sibu and Ex speaking over everyone, let's see how this plays out. Sibu makes fun of Lebo's accent.

11:36  Blue and K2 have a heated conversation on the couch "For some reason you think I am upset, I'm not upset" "Dude, you need to calm down"

11:23  The housemates are still struggling to understand the task. They discuss it in the kitchen area.

11:00  Biggie tells the housemates to go inside. Lebo reads the challenge ten times at least. There appears to be a concentration problem with the housemates; either that or Lebo's Brittish accent is throwing them off. 

10:37 Cigarettegate is ongoing, could Soxx have been the culprit. He was lamenting his lack of cigarettes in his first diary session. Matthias says "You know, slowly but surely people are starting to show their true colours."

10:16 Ex calls Sibu out on the undone state of his bed and he insists he will not be doing his bed.

10:07 Head of House pair Lebo and Ex call all to the garden.

09:50 Matthias still holding things down in the kitchen while Khali and Kay enjoy some morning girl talk outside.

09:30 Matthias has made himself quite the busy-body this morning as he gives the kitchen a good scrub up and down.

09:00 Some housemates sit down to a hearty bowl of cereal while others prefer to groom themselves for the cloudy day ahead. The housemates are getting a lot more familar after a sizzling game of truth or dare last night. 

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