March 28, 2015

Blue and K2 Win Immunity From Next Weeks Nominations And Evictions

Following a hotly contested first round of "Bubble-lympics" the yellow team, consisting of Tiffini, Gino, Sibu, Khali, Bongi, Lebo, Ex, K2, Matthias and Blue were left standing and playing for immunity from next week's nominations and evictions.
Big Brother explained the rules of the game.  Based on "Charades" or "Pictionary, working together, one partner had to stand on one side of the room behind a table and attempt to describe the name they saw on the card without revealing the name of the housemate on the card or their sex.

Now this's exactly were it got complicated as the partner on the other end was standing next to five poles with swivel boxes, each contained four pictures of randomly placed housemates. The housemate at the poles had to figure out who their partner had described and then the had to re-arrange the boxes to create a full length picture of the housemate in question. Biggie's Ninja was on hand to indicate a correct or incorrect answer with a thumbs up down. As an added incentive to not disobey the rules, a ten second penalty was added to the overall time they took in completing the task.

Matt and Sibu went first, Matt made a mistake on the first try and had to try another question. "A fashion designer from Soweto" was the first clue, describing Sibu himself, but there was a glitch in the system and they were made to wait while Biggie fixed the problem. They started again with Sibu struggling with the first question and were only able to get two answers right.

Next up was Gino and Tiffini who worked well together, Tiffini swivelled the pictures around quickly while Gino showed her the clues. They managed to get four correct answers in the 90 seconds they were allocated. Bongi and Khali were up, with Khali shouting out clues. They worked well together, "Okay, drinks like you." Bongi did a little victory dance when they finished, Biggie announced that they had completed six pictures and were in the lead.

Lebo and Ex took up their positions, with Lebo shouting out the clues. They worked well together, however they could only manage three correct answers. Blue and K2 had to do their best to beat six correct answers. Everyone sat down as Biggie announced the scores with the winners of the immunity going to Blue and K2.

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