March 23, 2015

Biggie Tricks The Housemates With Fake nominations

"This is Big Brother, housemates..." Biggie wastes no time with messing with housemates and putting them on the back foot.
The housemates do not know that the nominations they are doing for evictions are 100% fake. The game has well and truly begun.

Shock registered on their faces as they listened to Biggie telling them that they are to be called into the diary room to nominate their fellow housemates for eviction.

This immediately created tension in the house, pitting the housemates up against each other. Will this create alliances in the house, hastily formed through necessity. Will this create immediate enemies or friends in the house?

The housemates are not aware that Biggie is pulling a fast one on them, creating division in the house from day one. How will the housemates react to this prank by Biggie? Biggie is well known for his twists and this is an immediate one that could have potential far reaching implications in the game. 

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