March 31, 2015

Big Brother Mzansi 2015 Live Feed: Day 9

15:00 HoH Blue reads out the breaktime brief. The schoolmates will be playing "Legusha"

14:50 Ace tells Biggie that he's easily disrespected and he can deal with it accordingly. "When someone barks at me, I don't bark back, I bite back". Ntombi quickly calls him to order.
14:30 Ace and Ntombi are called to the diary room after Bongi and Khali who reckon they are the strongest couple in the house.

14:06 Tembi says she enjoyed the nineth grade in high school because she dated a jock and Adams seems distracted during his diary session.

13:30 A cocky Matthias tells Biggie that Gino is rubbing him up the wrong way. Everyone seems to be getting on the lads nerves. Being nominated is weighing heavy on he and his partner Sibu.

13:00 Blue and K2 reveal to Biggie that they do not regret placing Bongi and Khali up because the couple offended K2 in last week's Friday Night Games.

12:30 Diary sessions are underway with Kay and Pumba up first.

12:05 It's project time and the schoolmates are sketching for their liquorice allsorts mosaics.

11:35 HoH K2 reads out the first school task. Each pair will be creating a mosaic of another pair. The HoH pair will decide on the creation order - who will be creating which pair.

11:10 Housemates try on their new school uniform.

10:50 Housemates wager 100% as they all go back to school!

10:35 Head of House pair are summoned to the diary room to recieve the wager brief.

10:25 Siblings Gino and Tiffini do their thing in the kitchen next to Matthias.

10:06 Sibu points out to Soxx that he's being rude to his cousing Bexx and Soxx gets all defensive.

09:45 Ntombi shares a funny story about her and Ace's son back home.

09:30 Ntombi keeps Matthias comany as he cooks.

09:15 Matthias takes over the kitchen again. His going to take another stab at a scrumptious lamb stew.

09:00 Some kick-back and others get preen themsevles for the day ahead after a grueling training session.

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