March 31, 2015

Big Brother Mzansi 2015 Live Feed: Day 8

22:13  HoH K2 and Blue saved Tiffini and Gino and replaced them with Bongi and Khali.

22:11  Biggie announced Tiffini and Gino, Sibu and Matthias as the nominated housemates.

21:30  Matthias tells Ace and Ntombi that he wishes Pumba would fall inlove with Kay.

21:25  K2 explains to Tiffini what his name means.

21:15  Soxx asks K2 to wake him up when its shower hour because he didn't take one this morning.

20:45  Adams tells Tembi not to let housemates get on their real side and what is happening between.

20:35  while lying on the Tembi's bed, she tells ex boyfriend that she is happy to be catching up with him.

19:55  K2 tells Blue they cannot control everything and for now, they will watch what everybody does.

19:18  Housemates receive their groceries and Sibu suggests they should clean the kitchen first before they pack it.

18:33  "The Powerpuff girls" Mbali and Chelsea are next in the diary room. They discuss Ex and Lebo's exit from the game. They were surprised that it came so early in the game.

18:19  Tiffini and Gino are in th ediary room. Tiffini was shocked as she had grown close to Ex. Gino discusses the wager. Tiffini says that she wants her brother to lighten up about Zulu.

17:38  Ace and Ntombi say that hey are a threat to the others as they have a strong relationship.

17:30  Sibu and Matthias feel that they are strong and they talk about their admiration for the all girl team of Chelsea and Mbali.

17:13  Blue and K2 are in the diary room. They both feel that they are "in power" they are feeling confident.

17:00  Soxx and Bexx are sad that they did not win the HoH challenge, they are frustrated.

16:56  Kay and Pumba are in the diary room and Pumba feels like they are a big threat, a "dark horse threat"

16:40  Adams and Ntombi compose a song together. Adams and Tembi have their diary room and discuss the reaction to Biggie's fake eviction prank

16:23  Soxx and Tembi have a heart to heart.

16:00  Gino is cooking again.

15:30  K2 and Blue include Ace and Ntombi in their team as they sat out the HoH challenge. They now also have Conspiracy Booth privileges.

15:46  Sibu is not too happy about losing the challenge.

15:30  The blue team are pitted against the yellow team. Slippery when wet...Kay crawls across the slippery surface...The yellow team win a hotly contested task and K2 and Blue win Head of House and Conspiracy Booth privileges for their team.

15:25 The housemates are in the arena and Blue and Kay take turns rolling the dice to determine which housemates the want in their teams. Blue rolls a six and Kay rolls a five - this means that Blue and K2 will choose first.

15:15 The conspiracy rules are simple: What happens in the conspiracy booth, stays in teh conspiracy booth, housemates have only enter the conspiracy booth with one of the HoH.

15:11 The winning HoH pair will enjoy conspiracy privileges over and above immunity from nominations. using the conspiracy booth, the HoH and their team members will be able to conspire against any housemate.

15:06 Biggie calls the housemates to the lounge and announces the HoH qualifier pairs; Pumba and Kay as well as Blue and K2. The two pairs must choose team members for the HoH challenge.

14:57  Pumba and K2 are very popular, Sibu and Adams are too, who is your boo? #BBMCM

14:46  Mbali "AHHH, you have a lot of fiends" Sibu entertains the housemates.

14:29  Ntombi and Chelsea bond while Ntombi braids chelseas hair. 

14:14  K2 apologises to Blue for the disagreement they had to do with food.

14:10  Man Crush Monday os throwing up some interesting results: K2 seems to be VERY popular with the ladies, but he is not the only one:

14:00  Sibu shares his favourite words.

13:40  The first round is done and the housemates await the final scores. K2 and Blue achieved the highest points followed by Pumba and Kay. These two couples will be competing for this weeks HoH

13:27  It's Man Crush Monday, who is your BAE in the house? Use #BBMCM to tell us who your favourite is.

13:14  It's time to compete for the vacant post of Head of House with last week's HoH pair, Lebo and Ex having left the house last night.

12:56  Biggie tells the housemates to go to the arena immediately

12:27  Mbali is called into the diary room while the housemates continue with their conversation about schools.

12:17  The housemates chat hairstyles and schools.

11:24  Gino and Tiffini have three votes, Chelsea and Mbali have two, Soxx and Bexx have one vote as does Adams and Tembi. Sibu and Matt also have two votes.

11:00  Ace and Ntombi choose Soxx and Bexx.

10:55  Chelsea and Mbali are next in the diary room. They waste no time in saying Gino and Tiffini. "I don't feel comfortable around him, all he really does is cook." They felt that Tiffini is not emotionally capable of handling the game.

10:41  Sibu and Matthias choose Gino and Tiffini as do Tembi and Adams. "They just don't fit in, and Gino has just lost it, he moves funny." Bongi and Khali decide on the "Powerpuff girls" Chelsea and Mbali. "They'r just there, they are not weak but they are not strong, no-one is noticing them."

10:30  Tembi touches up her make-up and Mbali dances in front of the mirror.

10:15 Kay joins the glam squad and dolls herself up for the day while Sibu tells Matthias that he's convinced they've been nominated this week.

09:55 Mbali may be the resident beautician of the house. After doing Sibu's face she's now working on Chelsea. Everyone wants to look good this morning!

09:37 Eyes on fleek! Sibu gets Mbali to put on apply his eyeliner and touch up his eyelashes.

09:30 Prim and proper. The housemates are all up and freshening up for the day ahead.

09:15 New head chef in the house? Matthias advises the housemates on how they should hande the next batch of food they recieve so they don't go hungry again.

09:00 Ace leads the house in his own rendition of a classic traditional hymn. Kay and Matthias offer backing vocals.

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