March 31, 2015

Big Brother Mzansi 2015 Live Feed: Day 7

18:46  It is almost an hour to go to the live show, tune in on DStv Mzansi Magic channel 161 at 20:00 to watch Biggie reveal his week-long prank.

18:33  Ntombi and Chelsea bond in the kitchen

18:10  Housaemates ask Soxx about Tembi, the ycall Tembi, Soxx gets embarrassed 

17:52  Energy levels are low in the house, the weather and tonight's fake evictions are obviously weighing heavily on the housemates' minds.

17:37  The housemates are all lazing in the garden telling stories from outside the house.

16:41  Ace and Ntombi cook in the kitchen,

16:20  The housemates up for "eviction" ready themselves for tonight's show.

15:46  The housemates discuss the Mayweather/ Pacquio fight.

15:26  Ex wilfully irritates Chelsea with a lighter which e pushes close to her face. She is clearly rattled which only spurs him, on some more.

15:09  Tune into Mzansi Magic channel 161 this evening at 20:00 for the fake evictions show with a special performance from Duncan.

15:07  A relaxed household of housemates sit around the table joking around and having fun. Perhaps they are trying their best not to think about the "evictions" tomight

14:17  Sibu tells Khali that even if his nominated next week, his not going any time soon "not that im trying to be cocky or anything".

14:15  Biggie summons nominated housemates to put their bags in the store room.

14:00  Sibu and Mbali discuss challenges and Sibu says tha he cannot sit aoround doing nothing.

13:51  K2 raps for Blue. Mbali washes the dishes.

12:21  Gino and Ace eat, "Have you eaten yet?" Gino asks Ace who quips "No, I've still got a babbalas."

12:44  Temba and Chelsea discuss Tattos they have and want.

12:35  Biggie tells all housemates to close the frontdoors and remain indoors.

12:29  Boss tells Ace that they are going nowhere. 

11:21  Sibu is reclining on the sofa, Soxx entertains the housemates with some dancing and fooling around in the kitchen. Soxx gives a shoutout to all his people at home.

11:11  Ace tells Matthias that he has never travelled which sets off a long conversation about travelling, Matthias having done a fair bit.

10:30  Khali tells Bongi that she thinks she knows who will be evicted tonight.

10:15  The nomintated housemates have their hair done, not suspecting a thing.

09:45  Kay tells Ex that she is stressed about the person that is leaving tonight. How will she react when she realizes that it was one of Biggie's jokes?

09:30  Kay forgot to wear her mic so she ran upstairs and apologized to Biggie.

09:15  E washes the dishes as he is the only one awake.

09:00  Ex was called into the diary movement while a quiet house slumbers.

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