March 31, 2015

Back To School In The Big Brother Mzansi House

This week housemates needed to be a studious bunch. They must cast their minds back to the good old days when they were school children and had to follow the rules or suffer through detention.
This week housemates were expected to go back to school because the holidays were over.

These pupils were ready to roll as they wagered an ambitious 100%.

This week housemates were required to wear Biggie’s school uniform at all times. In addition, everyone had to serve and eat their lunch meals in the lunchboxes provided. Drinks had to be poured into the juice bottle and squeezers supplied.

Also, as far as drinks went, alcohol was forbidden in every school and playground including this one. So housemates were not allowed to drink the Shap Shap or anything resembling booze. Breaking this rule would cost them their entire wager.

This week’s task would be centred around the class room, the change rooms, the library, the tuckshop and the playground. The idea was to experience the school yard. We also hope that this week would re-instil in the wild and rebellious bunch the age-old culture of obedience and structure.

Biggie would also test their knowledge, skill and teamwork. 

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