March 28, 2015

Another saucy drinking game

Although housemates had very little to celebrate after losing their first ever wager they found other reasons to drink and be merry. Another saucy drinking game that left nothing to the imagination peaked interest. This time around however it was a lot less about revealing skin than about revealing sexy little secrets and pastimes.

So in for the kill they each went with Shap Shap in hand. The game was “Never have I ever”. A housemate had to say this proceeded by the very thing that they had in fact done. And then take a swig if they had. Others who had done the deed would also need to do the same.

Some admitted to nurturing secret crushes while others spoke of sticky situations they’d been caught in in past.

This clearly got the juices flowing no doubt as Soxx and Tembi, who’d been snuggling up to each other all day, disappeared off somewhere to enjoy one another’s company. A kiss was shared and romance sparked. The couple took things slow while whispering sweet nothings to the other.

We wonder what her ex-partner Adams would say about all of this, but then again he's also been having his own special brand of fun with Bexx.

The first week was drawing to a close and housemates were at a record-breaking fifth gear. Do you think they may be moving too fast or do you, like some of us, like to live life in the fast lane?

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