March 28, 2015

Ace Messes Up In The Very First Friday Night Games Of BBM 2015

Immunity from nominations and evictions from the Big Brother Mzansi house was up for grabs and only one pair could come up on top. 
Housemates were to compete in two rounds.  Before Biggie read the rules, housemates were split into two teams:

The blue team consisted of; Tiffini, Gino, Sibu, Matthias, Khali, Bongi, Lebo, Ex, K2 and Blue.

Yellow team:  Soxx, Bexx, Adams, Tembi, Ntombi, Ace, Kay, Pumba, Chelsea and Mbali. 

There were bags filled with ten balls, five yellow and five blue balls. Each pair had to select one ball by pulling it out of the bag.  The colour each pair picked, determined which matt they were to stand on.

The first round was called “The Bubble-lympics” where housemates had to jump out of a barrel of oil and an obstacle course, should they make a mistake, a ten second penalty would be added to the teams overall time.
Finally all housemate’s pictures were hanging at the top of an incline which the housemates had to climb up and and grab the picture of their partner.  Once the picture was retrieved, they had to slide down the incline and run back through the tyres and tap their team mate.
Ex and Ace were the first housematesmates to go. When they got to the inflatable incline, Ace struggled to find his partner's picture which made his team fall behind.  Guys were falling and making fools of themselves. Maybe they all should have attended the training sessions that Biggie had provided every morning.
The yellow team won the first round of "Bubble-lympics and proceeded to the second round.

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