March 21, 2015

A Guide To The Big Brother Mzansi 2015 House

A new season of Big Brother Mzansi is here and the housemates are going to be very busy with tasks, wagers, presentations and all sorts of fun and interesting activities. This is a handy guide to what the housemates are in for.

How does a housemate get evicted? Housemates nominate each other for possible eviction. Big Brother will then confirm the nominees for the week and then the public votes on who they want to keep in the house.

The Head of House is chosen by the completion of a task set by Biggie. All the housemates initially compete in the task and the best three go through to a final round to compete for being Head of House for that week. The winner of that task wins Head of House; which ensures possible immunity from that week's eviction.

Each week Big Brother sets a theme and a daily task will be set for the housemates to complete.The housemates will then wager their coming week's luxury items against the result of their presentation of the task on a Thursday evening. Biggie judges the presentation and if the housemates win, they will get what they wagered.

The housemates must wager a percentage of their luxury items against the result of the weekly presentation. If the housemates wager a full 100% on their presentation, should they lose, they will not get their luxury items for the following week. If they wager 50% against it and lose, they will only get 50% of their luxury items.

There are games nights where housemates will play games of jeopardy where they will play as a whole household or as individuals. Each week there are different games based on risk and chance and the house is filled with nervous tension as everybody wants to win the prizes on offer.

But, since it's not always competition time in the house, there will be party nights every Saturday too. There is a weekly live eviction show where various artists perform and, based on the audience vote, at least one housemate is evicted from the pool of nominees chosen by the housemates earlier in th eweek.

Big Brother Mzansi has lots of twists in store to keep the housemates on their toes and to keep you entertained. Be sure to tune into Mzansi Magic channel 161 this Sunday for the live launch show at 20:00 and daily on channels 197 and 198 for your 24/7 Big Brother Mzansi viewing pleasure to see what new bombshells Biggie is going to drop on the unsuspecting housemates.

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