February 11, 2015

Kat's Message To The Ladies

Beauty Queen Kat who is also an Ex-housemate of Big Brother Mzansi wants y'all the ladies to talk some advise from this short message she posted on one of her social media platforms;

The message reads:

What if I told you, God wanted to give you a man? A man that is already mature and though he may not be perfect, he has a plan. What if that boy you're entertaining is wasting your time? God wants to give you a man that can lead you, not one you have to raise. God didn't call you to be his second mother. If he doesn't have a sense of direction, don't let him lead you in circles. Encouraging sin rather than pushing you closer to God. Ladies, God is developing a man for you. Don't jump the gun, you might end up with a joker disguised as a blessing. It may get tiring and frustrating, but wait on  God."

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