June 02, 2014

Big Brother Mzansi's Mzamo talks about his style secrets

 Do you remember when a visibly distraught Iris shed tears after realising that her main allies in the show, Thando and Mzamo,  had been evicted?

The 27-year-old Durban fashion entrepreneur, Mzamo ‘Mzamie’, has been living and working in Jozi for over a year now. You will find this fiery ‘fashionista’ listening to Beyoncé as he whips up something delicious in the kitchen.

He admitted that his decision to enter the Big Brother house was a calculated move in an effort to land a record deal, a dream which came true for him when record label owner and producer Sipho Sithole headhunted him while he was still in the house.

Mzamo was voted out of the house two weeks before the show ended, and his first single, entitled Turn Around, is set to be released this week.

A big fan of Mzamo, socialite Sandy Nene got some style tips from the fashionista.

You have always looked trendy and on point, have you ever thought of starting a career in fashion?

[Laughs] Well the funny thing is I started in fashion when I moved up to Joburg. I ran a small but lucrative fashion business selling unique fashion items under the label I called “the 90′s”. I can’t even separate my music from the fashion, so I guess at some point I’m going to dabble in the fashion business at a bigger scale than before.

Where do you go for some style inspiration? Do you buy fashion magazines or you visit fashion blogs?

My best friend has always been obsessed with buying Vogue magazines so it’s kinda rubbed off on me. And I’m always drawn to everything chic, detailed yet simple. I guess I get that inspiration from the Vogue shoots on their magazine. Plus, back in the day when blogs weren’t so over saturated and “try hard” I used to love ‘look book’ which was just street fashion..young and anonymous fashionistas killing it.

How often do you go shopping?

I am kind of always shopping to be honest because it’s so hard to find something that speaks to me, I can’t stand owning a fashion item that someone else owns. It honestly bothers me.

What are your favourite brands?

I’m not necessarily a brand person, I love items for their individuality, I’m the least brand conscious person alive. It’s all about what it looks like and how it fits, what it communicates about me and how it makes me feel. Never about what fashion house it’s from.

People are slowly falling in love with online shopping, preventing having to stand in long queues in stores. Have you experienced online shopping and what’s your opinion about the whole experience?

I don’t believe in online shopping, firstly because shopping in itself is an experience, to touch the item, feel the fabric, try the item on and clothes never really look the same compared to what you see on a computer screen. Shopping is part of the culture of fashion, doing it online makes it seem impersonal and just too transactional for me.

What trends are you rocking this winter?

I don’t do trends, I don’t even look at what’s on the market. I only wear a style and clothes that speak to me.

List clothing items that you think everyone should own since it’s winter.

The only thing universal to every single fashionista out there for any season actually are a good pair of leggings, a well cut trench coat, an all-purpose bomber jacket, a beanie and a killer personality to pull fashion off.

What’s your number one travelling essential?

My number one travelling essential is my black “you can’t see my eyes” shades.

Where does your personal style come from?

My personal style comes from my aspirations actually, to stand out, to be respected, and to be strong and I feel my clothes communicate that… (When I make the effort.. Haha).

We are looking forward to your single which is debuting on radio stations this week, tell us more about it?

I’m very excited and anxious about that, the song is called Turn around it’s kind of like a pun to me…I remember a time in the 90′s where stars were stars, when celebrities were an enigma, where music was beyond inspirational especially in South Africa. When we were really in the game…and it’s sort of like let’s turn it around and get back to that..to the passion…to the thrill of performance and stage. It’s also about the Sophiatown days…recapturing the fun times our grandparents used to have in the spaza’s and shebeens.

Who did you work with on this single?

I worked on the song with a producer called Markus Els, he is absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait for South Africa to hear it.

Can people expect to see you performing anywhere soon? 

This is only the beginning for me, I have a long list in my diary of things I want to accomplish

One word that describes your style.

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