May 13, 2014

Mandla still confused whether to stay with Lexi or his former girlfriend

BB Mzansi Secrets winner, Mandla, is ‘torn apart’ as he is expected to publicly make a decision by choosing between his baby mama and Lexi.
Mandla, who won R1Million is said to be having a hard time as he is yet to make public which of the two women he is going to be with, as both seem to be wanting to be with him.
The girl whom he was dating before and the mother of his child, Sthandwa Kobile, had been waiting for him at home, while he was still a contestant.
While he was a contestant, Mandla developed a relationship with Lexi which turned intimate. Their romance grew stronger with each day as they faced strong opposition from other contestants, notably Kat.
After eviction, Lexi was heard saying that Mandla (who was still a contestant in the then, ongoing Big Brother Mzansi TV show) was not his type. This is not what she is currently saying after the popular TV show ended.

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