April 03, 2014

Which Housemate will win the R1 Million?

So the Show started with 12 Housemates and six Chambermates. This saw the likes of Iris and Kgosi being elevated to Housemate status while Chambermates Mbali, Jenayane, Paris and Nku were sent home.

This week, only six Housemates remain in the game and they represent the Finalists of Big Brother Mzansi. Iris, Kat, Loko, Mandla, MK and Sol have proved to be the strongest players in the game and after surviving a few blows here and there, we have no doubt that they ruled the roost.

However, this is Big Brother and there can only be one winner. In Mzansi, most people believe in checking their luck with Sangomas (traditional healers) but because we had no access to one, we turned to the world wide web to check out what the Stars say about their luck for Sunday. Actually, we checked for what their horoscopes say about their qualities and if any of these would result in them walking away with that Million:

Iris celebrated her birthday in the House on 23 February and Biggie surprised her with a visit from the beautiful Boity. This makes Iris an Aquarius. However, Iris is not the only Aquarian Finalist. Sol of the House was born on 18 February and he was pleasantly surprised when his birthday cake was delivered by none other than the exciting Skhaleni of Isibaya fame.

According to http://www.ask-oracle.com, qualities that make Aquarians lucky are; honesty, truthfulness, innovation, and insight. Qualities that hinder Aquarians' success are; inconsistency, rebellion, and caution.

MK was born on May 7, which makes him a Taurus. Qualities that make Tauruans lucky are; realistic, reliable, openhanded, and arty. Qualities that hinder Tauruans' success are; possessiveness, stubbornness, lethargy, and self-indulgence.

Born on June 3, Kat is a Gemini. Qualities that make Gemini lucky are; wittiness, brilliancy, cheery and gay. Qualities that hinder Geminis' success are; messy, happy-go-lucky, cruelty, and incompatible.

For Virgos, Mandla who was born on August 27, the qualities that make them lucky are; systematic, rational, communicative, and discriminating. Qualities that hinder Virgo success are; unbending, indifference and argumentative.

Last but certainly not least is double HoH, Loko who was born on October 16. This Libra's qualities that make her lucky are; charismatic, intellectual, awareness, and evenhanded. Qualities that hinder Libra success are; easygoing, insecure, lazy, and self-centered.

Could this be true about your favourite Finalist? Will any of their positive qualities help them win the most coveted R1 Million or will their negative traits stand in their way?

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