April 04, 2014

What's Biggie hiding behind the wall?

The Finalists have a lot of faith in Biggie but when a Sense of Touch Task was thrown their way, they panicked. No looking, just feeling!

When HoH Loko read out that today's Brief would involve the Finalists putting their hands into any of 10 openings on a wall, feeling the mysterious items inside the box and guessing what it is, theories started making the rounds.

From Biggie hiding some ex-Housemates in the holes to creepy crawlies and slippery slimy somethings, the Finalists' imaginations ran wild. "If it's Mzamo, I'll just feel the head," MK said in jest.

Meanwhile, the girls couldn't hide their anxiety; "I'm scared," Loko admitted. "I know that Biggie will not put anything that will harm us," MK assured her.

Once Housemates have guessed, the next Housemate will take a turn at guessing. Housemates may not choose any opening previously attempted by any other Housemate.

Without peeking around the wall, failure to comply to all the rules may result in losing their 100 percent Wager.

The Housemates are in for a high jump on this one. What do you think Biggie is hiding behind the wall? Which Housemate is more likely to chicken out of this one?

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