April 04, 2014

What do you think of these star couples of the Housemates?

Many have said that we’re made out the same stuff that the stars are made of. The Horoscope is a great help when trying to predict the future. It has especially been the compass for lovers from far and wide who look to the stars to determine their fate and compatibility.

We look to http://www.eastrolog.com for similar reason with the couples and the would-be couples in the House. Were these pairs star crossed lovers who stood no chance or was written love in the stars for others? Using their star signs we hope to uncover just how far the sparks of love were destined to ignite into eternal flames.

Lexi and Mandla

With more make-ups than break-ups, Lexi and Mandla were the longest surviving couple in the Big Brother Mzani House. They caught one another’s gaze from the moment they crossed the threshold and it seemed safe to say that theirs was love at first sight. So enamoured was Mandla he sunk on a bended knee and asked for the hot lass’ hand in marriage. But the road was definitely rocky and wrecked with bumps, cracks and potholes as they each learned that they were worlds apart. Never quite undone, is there any hope for these two?

A marriage of water and earth Lexi is Pisces and Mandla is Virgo. According to http://www.eastrolog.com Pisces should pay attention to this charming Virgo. There are only two streams that Mandlexi can tether to; upstream towards heaven or downstream facing a hell on earth; nothing in between. Stationed at the opposite end of the other in the zodiac Mandla and Lexi’s attraction is magnetic but can tire farther down the line when Lexi’s Piscean perfect wonder of the world is disrupted by Mandla’s incessant questioning.

The two star signs possess what the other lacks and were Mandlexi to survive the Big Brother Mzansi House they would they fly or would they flail?

Kat and Jase

Kat is a self-proclaimed Gemini and proud of it. Jase is Libra and jolly with it. Both air signs, they were always more than likely to ignite one another's candle light. However if the wind blew then so would the flame. Their’s was the problem of staying together as air signs and if they couldn’t survive a month in the House, how were they ever going to survive the big bad outside world. Perhaps that’s why Kat kicked the poor lad to the curb without any waste of time?

As a Libra, Jase’s optimism might be misplaced alongside Kat’s wanderlust as a Germini. This would be an ideal but impractical if restless combination. Perhaps Kat was onto something.

Loko and Poolie

We might have figured that Loko was a Libra from her good-time-girl ways and that Poolie was indeed the strong, silent Capricorn man. Alas, according to the experts (http://www.eastrolog.com) this couple is one odd couple. Odd even to one another as they might just bore each other to wrist-slitting proportions. Social butterfly Loko would wind up rubbing the unsociable Capricorn inside Poolie the wrong way.

Many of us may be raising our brows at this point because Pooloko became something of a ray of sunshine against the sometimes grey skies that came of the House.

Iris and MK

Iris and MK are A on their way. An Aquarius and Taurus respectively, this couple are as compatible as gin and tonic. Shoot, Iris is to MK what bacon is to scrambled eggs. While both signs are fixed, it their strong sense of substance that makes them such an original force to be reckoned with.

But we have to wonder how far MK and Iris have found and claimed each other in the House. Were they indeed as sparkling as the zodiac sees them to be? MK’s polygamy also sort to complicate things between the two. Also, MK’s heart seemed to belong to another red-headed lass who goes by the name of Lola. Poor Iris has her work cut out for her.

Lola and MK

If you thought Aquarius and Taurus were a great combination, you’ve haven’t heard nothing yet. Pisces and Taurus are just what the love doctor ordered. With the stars smiling at this combination, it’s no doubt MK’s heart will be caught in a fit of love and love only. We put it to you that Lola is the Secret love of MK’s life, even Biggie brought her in as his special Statue distraction.

One problem though, a Taurus is materialistic and values wealth. This mightn’t sit well with Lola as Pisces who views earthly material as superficial. But with MK’s gift of the gob we trust he’ll be able to convince of the importance of money. Perhaps he needs the million bucks more than we thought.

Kat and Sol

Kat calls herself a Gemini with more than one personality. After a tragic ending to her and Jase she had space for one more; Sol the Aquarian. Boy does Kat love her suitors to be air signs. It turns out that there is more hope with this combination. While it seemed Kat led Jase by the nose Sol is more of an equal to her, matching her calculating and bright intellect. As a Geminim, Kat’s high sensitivity will find home Sol Aquarian sense of play and fantasy.

Kat ought to stop playing hard to get with Sol and at least let the burly lad take her on a few dates on the outside. They might just be the success story.

Loko and Kgosi

This couple enjoyed a short but romantic stint in the House. Should they have hung on for a little longer? Loko seems to have gone with her trusted Libra instinct because this would have been a tricky affair. The only thing these two signs have in common is their indecisiveness. This is probably why it was often touch and go and Loko might have needed someone to make a move so Poolie beat Kgosi to it.

The poetry reading was a stellar romantic gesture from Kgosi but it seems a girl like Loko would rather someone make their move.

Reality always trumps the stars and while some couples show signs of growth, it all remains to be seen. We’ll check in on the Housemates on the outside to see how who might have been fooling who.

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