April 04, 2014

The lazy ladies sleep as the guys clean

The ladies in the House are definitely blessed as it seems Sol, Mandla and MK have turned over a new leaf.

This morning it was the usual routine of everyone waking up just to go back to sleep but this time it was only the ladies Kat, Loko and Iris who crept back under the covers for some decadent nap time, the guys admirably cleaned the House.

Leaving no piece of furniture unturned, no floor unswept or counter cleaned all three of these darling boys may just turn out to be every girl’s dream.

With Sol on Kitchen duty, MK doing the washing and ironing and Mandla sweeping and mopping, these guys epitomized one power cleaning team.

After a long week of physical and mental endurance there is no doubt that the Housemates are beyond exhausted but while they ladies rested their weary hearts and relaxed their minds, the guys were on that spotless swag and what a treat it was to watch.

Now days the traditional notions that run through our minds about gender roles are blurred and this was just an illustration of the beautiful that embodies; the modern man, Go boys!

Maybe it’s just that inescapable cabin fever or the fact that the guys have realized life is too short to wait for other people to clean up but there is no denying that cleanliness is close to Godliness and all we can say is Amen.

Get these guys a Bells.

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