April 02, 2014

The Housemates make a great team

There is no ‘I’ in team and If nothing else, the final six Housemates are a powerful Team to say the least.

This week’s theme of endurance is definitely a difficult one and in order for them to win their Wager these guys are going to have to work together and boy are they doing a fantastic job.

From taking turns on the bikes in order to complete the Task or sitting in front of the fire together to make sure it does not go out, they are on it.

A perfect example of this Mandla cheering on Loko and Kat while they cycled onto victory.
Dedicated MK who very admirably started the eternal flame that needs to be alight till Thursday is never alone in his conquests.

Whether it Loko who is sitting with him talking about travel and music to keep the morale up or Mandla and Sol who just try take the high road and laugh at their situation in the best spirits.

There has never been this much commitment and togetherness amongst the Housemates, they have bound together for a higher purpose and it is a really remarkable thing to watch.

Kat has even said outright in her Diary sessions that she is pleased about the final people that are left in the House as they are all amiable, respectable people who are easy to live with.

There is truth in her words as the House has never been this clean and the tension levels this low.

There are broken hearts and possibilities of new romances, blossoming friendship and a rekindling of spirits as the Housemates glide onto the end.

Even Iris and Sol have become closer and have started to develop a real friendship.

Biggie really made a great decision by giving them such collaborative Task’s.

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