April 02, 2014

The eternal flame to win the Wager.

We are nearing the season of winter in the Southern hemisphere and as we know, many people all need to survive and keep warm during the cold winter months.
This week represents the life of the Wager the Housemates have laid.

Big Brother called HoH Loko to the Diary room and she read the second Task brief to the Housemates which really heated things up, literally.

Biggie has instructed the Housemates to start a fire in the pit tonight which will be symbolic of the legendary Olympic flame.

The Olympic flame is lit up at the onset of the games in order to represent the lifespan of the event and very much in the same spirit; Biggie wants their flame to remain alight until presentation night.

Obviously Biggie is always watching so if at any point the flame does go out then the Housemates will fail their Task and lose the Wager.

The Housemates really have bound together for the Wager this week though and because there are only six of them left, it has become a real little family, and they are all so committed to the cycling Task and keep working together to make sure they win.

He was then shortly joined by the guys, Mandla and Sol who did their part to make sure things got well underway.

This week’s theme is very apt as this is the last push for the Housemates and they are definitely going to need something to keep their morale up.

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