April 05, 2014

The countdown begins for the Top six

It felt like it was just yesterday when this bunch crossed the plank into the Big Brother Mzansi House as Housemates and in the Chamber as Chambermates. Could you believe that after 62 days Mandla, Sol, Kat, Loko, MK and Iris, surviving all the way from the Chamber, would make it to the Finale?

Welcome to the last Saturday, the day before a winner is announced and someone’s life changes forever. We briefly cast out minds back to that all important word; strategy. As the top six, was it strategy that got these charming guys and gals so far or was it purely the luck of the draw for some?

1. Loko
In her profile interview Loko promised us (and, we suspect, her parents) that she wouldn’t be in any sort of relationship but Reality seemed to prove her wrong.

Did the happy-go-lucky lover of whiskey betray her strategy by falling into a fling thing with Poolie?Some would say that this raised her profile and kept her relevant as many of her fans simply adored her and Poolie, even gifting them the moniker Pooloko.

Other’s might have wanted to see Loko play the Game independently, as she said she would, but can forgive her for her bubbly nature and hippy peach approach to the world.

She’s definitely also shown herself to be the most competitive of the girls having fought and won over Head of House twice. She wins the girl power mascot in the House.

2. MK

MK’s unshaking and stern nature has been tested in the House. Also one who promised no relationships, he fell into quite the funny polygamist arrangement with Lola, Iris, Thando and Kat.

A self-proclaimed intellectual, he definitely disappointed himself in Tasks, taking not one Head of House win or Immunity challenge.

MK is definitely an original make and that is what has endeared him to Emmett and very possible his fans. But does he have what it takes?

3. Iris

The last Chambermate indeed stood the test of time. We believe that it was her clowning and hillbilly ways that won her fans over. When she’s in her element, she is a fire ball of entertainment. She is like the girl next door with her down home appeal and stunning looks.

We could never quite decode her strategy and whether she ever had one. We do however think her membership of Lokiris has shot her profile sky high. Her love for her bestie Kat, just melts our hearts

4. Sol

Sol of the House! Words cannot even begin to describe the force that emanates out of this surly lad. The question really should be; where would we be without his noise making bordering on noise pollution? Sol never ran out of phrases to butcher and actions to overstate.

A disc jock of note, was it all a spectacular performance on his part?

While Sol might be slighted because of his often goofy behaviour, a bright and calculating mind was always at work underneath all that pomp. 

He must have chopped and changed strategies a million times, we couldn’t keep up. But we have to wonder, did he really fall for Kat or was this too, part of a masterly complicated strategy.

One thing is for sure though, he developed a close brotherhood with Mandla having saved him when he was HoH. The plan was to take him to the Finale and well, what do we know?
5. Kat

Kat versus Kitty-Kat? Which do you prefer? This is the hand, or rather the hands that Kat has dealt us. The gorgeous belle snatched the post of resident femme fatale and ran, and we mean ran, with it. 

Along the way she broke a couple of hearts, told a couple of lies, shed a couple of crocodile tears and managed to pick up a Strike for bad behavior. If that was not strategy, then we don’t know the meaning of the word.

This was a girl that ran Game and did it independently. She was able to wake up in the morning and don an apron for her maidenly duties but as soon as night fell she mounted her eight inch heels took her place in the ring. Love her or hate her, she’s smirking all the way to the Finale.
6. Mandla

And last but not least on the right side of ring is the world’s favorite guy, Mandla; that’s Mindlos to the guys and Mandles to the ladies. Fact remained everybody loved Mandla and they loved him in his favourite attire too; his underwear. 

Funny when he needed to be and calm when the forces said it should be so he always landed on square on pedestal among the Housemates.

An increasingly Zen character, he claims to have adopted that widely popular strategy of being himself. We reckon there was something in Mandla that made every encounter seamless and easy going.

It has to be asked however, whether his relationship with Lexi had anything to do with strategy? Having taken to her right off the bat, there were times where many viewed the couple as the most game playing and calculating in the House.

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