April 02, 2014

No slacking towards the end.

Biggie meant business when he dubbed this Final week Endurance Week, he has thrown Tasks at the Housemates to test their commitment and conviction more than their physical ability.
After all, Endurance was always a question of mind of matter and Big Brother was going to push the Housemates to their utter limits.

For today's morning Task, the Housemate were to pull out the last bit of stamina in their reserves and jog on the spot every time a horn blew off. 

In the living room they were to gather behind the very bikes that they had been toiling over and run, run, run! The only Housemates exempt from running are those already packing the mileage on the dirt bike.

If the Housemates even thought of walking or stopping for air, they had better do so after Biggie blew the whistle into the House. Big Brother was like a general, exacting the living day lights out the Housemates.

As the Housemates hopped and moped about the disdain was written all over their faces. Fatigue didn't even begin to describe their throbbing limbs with Kat and Mandla collapsing onto the couch into an immediate deep slumber.

Big Brother expects nothing less in the Final stretch towards the million. He, as we all do, wanted to see the proof in the pudding. How committed were the top six to their Final goal? No pain, no gain.

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