April 23, 2014

Mzamo says he's not scared of abuses from Internet Gangsters

Big Brother Mzansi contestant Mzamo Gcabashe isn’t fazed by the online abuse he’s been subjected to since leaving the infamous reality TV house.

According to Sunday World, Mzamo has said that recent Twitter comments in which he was, amongst other things, called “ugly and gay” don’t bother or shock him because he’s comfortable being his fabulous self. “It’s all water off a duck’s back for me,” said Mzamo.

“I’m still realistic about how people receive me. Yes, my bubbly personality and edgy fashion sense make a lot of people smile. But sometimes, I have people that sneer at the sight of me.

“I’m not scared of social commentary at all. In fact, I feel the South African music industry plays it too safe. We need to raise the bar. 

“Pop culture rules the world, and if you are a celeb, you need to let people criticise or admire your clothes or songs. “As a true entertainer, you should never have to explain yourself. 

We won’t always get good feedback. But if you get it wrong, you should move on and accept it.

“You can’t switch the celebrity button on and off when you are working in the public space.”

He also admitted that his decision to enter the ‘Big Brother’ house was a calculated move in an effort to land a record deal, a dream which came true for him when record label owner and producer Sipho Sithole headhunted him while he was still in the house. 

Mzamo was voted out of the house two weeks before the program ended, and his first single, entitled ‘Turn Around’, is set to be released early in May.

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