April 03, 2014

MK is committed to the cause

This week has been the scene for the most unbelievably difficult Task’s to date.

The Housemates are being pushed physically, as well as mentally, and never before have we seen such deep rooted dedication and resilience.

Teamwork is an integral part of winning the week's Wager and it has been illustrated every step of the way by everyone involved. And while there are Housemates that are a little less involved than they should be, hint hint Iris and Kat, they have both made up for it in other ways like cooking and cleaning.

There is however one soul who stands apart as being totally committed to the cause and this is none other than MK.

When Biggie announced the Flame Task, where the Housemates will have to keep their pit-fire burning until Presentation night, it was MK who initiated it and from that moment on, he hasn't looked back.

Many of the Housemates are dog tired from all the cycling they had to do and now with Biggie throwing in the Jogging Task (just for control), it's only going to get worse. Especially since everyone is snuggled up in bed, resting nice and warmly.

Not the honorable MK though, both last night and this evening it has been him sitting fireside, wrapped in a blanket without fuss or fanfare, just sheer simplicity and patience. This is a man who gets the bigger picture.

During the Jogging Task Iris very conveniently slipped and hurt her foot (again) and main man Sol was, let’s be honest, not even jogging at all, it was more like a slow walk punctuated with an awkward jig. 

MK on the other has been pushing himself like it was his birthday, knees to chest with all the conviction in the world, looking at himself in the mirror.

While the pressure and separateness may be getting to some, it seems to have only done good things for MK.

He is redirecting his energy into focusing on the end goal, which is closer than they all think.

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