April 11, 2014

Mandla showers Mzansi with love

It's three days since the Winner of the Big Brother Mzansi game, Mandla scooped the coveted milli prize and the humble, honest Housemate shared his views on his experience in the Big Brother Mzansi House.

One thing you have to say about Mandla is that he is as authentic as they come, even Biggie agreed when he read a personal message to Mandla before the winner reveal was announced on Sunday's Final Live Show.

Mandla had so much love to give to you, our Big Brother Mzansi fans and thanked you for your support and loyalty that ultimately brought him and and his family financial security.
Mandla proved himself to be one to watch from the beginning; never overly-vocal, the strong and silent type, but we know all about his steadfast character as we watched him and read about him over 63 days, a more pressing matter on our minds and the question on everyone's lips is love's young dream of him and Lexi blossoming out of the House as they catapult themselves into the real world. We got stuck in to social media to see what the 'Mindlos' has been up to, we are as curious as you are; but what we did see is that Mandla is in a bit of a dilemma, it's hard enough being in love with one person but having feelings for two must be impossible to manage and will be weighing on his mind, this can't be easy for our winning 'walking torso'. Good luck with this one Mandla, we hope you make the right decision.
14,000 Twitter fans Mzansi, that's a lot of love and only 16 hours previous to that he had 12,000 and counting. Our lone ranger couldn't find his Housemates on social media; Mzansi can you help this Twitter novice so he can at least DM Lexi!

When asked what he was going to do with the money, he said he was going to use it responsibly to make more, to look after his sister, his mother and follow his dreams, not that it's hit his account yet! Lexi, you have yourself a keeper here.

If you want to follow Mandla and see how life unfolds for him outside the Big Brother House, follow him on Facebook or Twitter for the full inside story.


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