April 05, 2014

Kat takes a Game to heart

Kat's competitive side grabs a hold of her during a Game of ‘guess the celebrity’. All because Big Brother’s Secret identity. So passionate were Kat, Iris and MK about Big Brother’s identity that a harmless Game turned into a ferocious screaming match.

The Game was taken from their dinner-in-the-sky expedition and seemed to have crashed and burnt when it landed on the ground. 

The premise of the Game is for players to guess the celebrity from clues given. However, there are also rules and as always, that’s where the lines went blurry.

When MK's pedantic technicalities met Kat’s last nerve the gal loaded her rifle and fired it at him. The argument was over whether Big Brother qualified as a real celebrity or a fictional character according to the rules of the Game.

To Kat Big Brother is a concept and so more of a fictional character but to MK, if he speaks to them, in their own languages as he did this afternoon, then the guy was definitely there. 

Then he said Big Brother was more of a character. The technicalities never end with bloke and maybe this was a battle could have been avoided.

While MK felt attacked for wanting a Game that was had more intellectual substance Kat pointed it out to him that sometimes a Game was meant to be fun and less heady so everyone could enjoy it. Iris chimed into support her besties argument.

When it seemed as if the pair weren’t backing down Sol of the House exercised the loud, brash and terribly grating tendencies, that we’ve come to love him for, to put a stop to all the bickering.

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