April 06, 2014

Kat is taking action

There is no denying that gorgeous Housemate Kat is a dime, she is smart, engaging and beautiful with a killer body and the ability to twerk anyone under the table.

She would be a prize to any man who had a chance but she has made no secret out of the fact that she wants Mandla and she will go to many strategic lengths to get him.

Today in the kitchen while Kat was making toasted sandwiches for both her and Mandla, he divulged to her that he would get a lot of trouble from Lexi about Kat, he also said that it was probably intentional.

These rather scandalous conversations lead to Mandla basically propositioning Kat to do what she planned on doing from the get-go.

She retaliated by saying that there is no point now because she cant cause drama but then quickly changed her stance to the fact that she can always conjure up some kind of controversy if she desires.

The final point made was that it is a Saturday night and there is no way she is going to bed alone!
You have to admire her persistence and confidence as Mandla is falling for her dangerous, feminine wiles and playing right into her hands.

If Lexi is out there watching, he blood must be boiling at this passive, aggressive flirting and propositioning.

Mandla is also making no secret out of the fact that he is looking forward to this evening’s Channel O party zone where the ferociously talented DJ Dimplez will be heating it up for the last party in the House.

Looks like our Kitty-Kat could be sinking her claws into some Mandla meat tonight! Watch this space.

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