April 04, 2014

Housemates have dinner in the sky

It's the last Friday Night Games of the Big Brother Mzansi Secrets game and in lieu of the Final Show big reveal on Sunday, Biggie gave Housemates an evening only a privileged few will ever get to experience; a dinner 40 meters high in the Joburg sky, that's 132 feet, vertigo anyone?

Housemates were led by the helmet-clad ninja's to the Arena where they were met with the vision of the crane that would lift them to new heights as they enjoyed an hour long dinner. 

However, an experience like this comes with safety precautions, a fall would be a long way down.

Housemates were under no circumstances allowed to unstrap themselves.

During the dinner in the sky, Housemates will be given fun games to play as a form of entertainment and for obvious reasons, alcohol consumption will be curbed.
After 30 minutes in the sky, Big Brother will allow Housemates to bump the fun and allow Housemates to play drinking games. However drinks will be served at Biggie's discretion as advised by the safety officer.

Ninjas were harnessed to the table so as to be at the Housemate's beck and call as they were hoisted into the Joburg autumn night sky.

This is the kindest Biggie has ever been in a Friday Night Games session, Housemates aren't even a little suspicious but then if you were presented with a once in a lifetime experience, you probably wouldn't ask questions either

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