April 23, 2014

Ex-Big Brother housemate Mzamo totally gets No love

Big Brother Mzansi’s “g@y, fab and proud” contestant Mzamo Gcabashe is the victim of cyber-bullying.

As the first former housemate to score a big break, courtesy of a recording deal with Native Records, Gcabashe went on Twitter to share his success.

Instead of receiving love and good wishes, he was met with discriminatory comments from what he called “Twitter trolls”.

One Twitter user went as far as referring to him as “ugly and g@y”, after Gcabashe posted a picture of himself .

Gcabashe, who hails from Durban, was evicted from the Big Brother house two weeks before the show ended.

“I know my hurdles as a g@y man, and was not shocked when a few men on Twitter were being very judgemental towards me.

“But I’m not worried because the initial shock will wear off, once they get to know me and hear my music, which is my calling in life,” he said.

Gcabashe (27) was a firm favourite from the start of the reality TV show, but said he had always been prepared for those people “who are not ready for someone as different and confident” as him.

“It’s all water off a duck’s back for me.

“I’m still realistic about how people receive me. Yes, my bubbly personality and edgy fashion sense make a lot of people smile. But sometimes, I have people that sneer at the sight of me.

“I’m not scared of social commentary at all.

“In fact, I feel the South African music industry plays it too safe. We need to raise the bar.

“Pop culture rules the world, and if you are a celeb, you need to let people criticise or admire your clothes or songs.

“As a true entertainer, you should never have to explain yourself. We won’t always get good feedback. But if you get it wrong, you should move on and accept it.

“You can’t switch the celebrity button on and off when you are working in the public space.”

Gcabashe was headhunted by record label owner and producer Sipho Sithole while still in the Big Brother house.

“Sipho says he heard me singing on the show and started mak\ing calls to people who knew me.

“I only entered the house to get exposure for my music. So I was very happy when I found out about the recording deal,” said Gcabashe, who holds a degree in music.

Having worked in the fashion industry for the last two years, Gcabashe said he spent “the last few years studying fame” and preparing himself for his life’s passion, which is to be an all-round entertainer.

His first single, Turn Around, will be out early next month.

“I’m so curious about how South Africa will receive my unique sound.

“I’m very different to most of my Native Rhythms people. I’m going to bring back that old 1990s feeling.”

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