April 02, 2014

Can we say Sol has been the best HoH?

 It's just a few days before one of the six Big Brother Mzansi Finalists walks away with the whooping R1 Million, which means that your Vote matters more than ever this week and as the Season draws to a close, we take a look at some of the Polls we ran and how you responded.

The moment we asked you about the Heads of House we'd had on the Show, you undoubtedly placed Sol high up there as the best HoH ever. Well, Loko had just won so she wasn't part of the Vote. Loko did it for the ladies, not once but twice, managing to lead the pack to the Finale. So, do you still stand by your decision that Sol was the best HoH ever?
The next interesting Poll was on Kat's 'love' interests. After having been with Jase, Sol, MK and well...Emmet, we wanted to know whom you thought she paired best with. Your response was simple, and Jase ruled on that one.
All the Big Brother Mzansi fans were very excited when we reached the halfway mark and we wanted to know what you were looking forward to towards the end of the Show. 

With the Tasks, drama, Secrets and the Winner as possible options; Mzansi was adamant that the drama is what would get them exited. Not even the winner? is this still the case at this crucial stage of the game?
All in all, we wanted to know what you think really keeps Housemates in the game. It would seem you think it's your Votes that give them the oomph that they need. We have actually seen how the Housemates get rejuvenated after surviving Eviction so you could well be right Mzansi.
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