April 04, 2014

Biggie's House evaded by snakes, worms and spiders

Sometimes it's better to see than to touch. However, that's rather contradictory when we've seen tears rolling down some Housemates during the Statue sessions, all because they couldn't touch their loved ones.

Biggie had a wall with pigeon holes leading to containers with mysterious objects in them. The Housemates then had to take turns feeling what was in their chosen containers.

Mandla was first in the gallows and after worming his hand around the container, he guessed that what he was feeling could have been a centipede.

Mandla was followed by a shaking Kat; who had tears rolling down her cheeks as she approached the wall of mysteries. Luckily enough, Kat was spot-on with her guess that her container had snakes. The terror in her eyes could have sunk Loko who was still in line.

"It's got six legs, so it's a spider," Sol said in confidence. Although it was a spider, Sol of the House was mistaken about the number of legs. Spiders have eight legs hence they are called arachnids.

Armed with a cigarette in one hand, Loko passed as the most dramatic. After several attempts at sticking her right hand in the pigeon hole, she eventually managed to brave her fear and guessed "jelly". She was pretty close as it was goo.

Iris milled her way through the first container, which had fish eggs and shifted to one with corn starch and water. For some reason though, Iris quickly screamed; "Crocodile Biggie!" Really Iris? Crocodile?

MK was ready to make his big reveal of what could have been in the hole he had selected, and just then, Biggie called, "Statue!" Lola then made an impromptu appearance in the House.

With MK's hand still feeling on what was in the container, the vivacious Lola went straight to her beau MK and handed him a white rose before planting a kiss on his cheek. So sad

MK being distracted by Biggie's Statue Task didn't deter him from correctly guessing that he felt a silicone hand in the container.

The game is certainly heating up. Who was the most hilarious on this Task?

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