April 04, 2014

Biggie gives the Housemates Medals

As Endurance Week came to a head, Big Brother had done nothing but push the Housemates to their physical and mental limits. Big Brother was the tough-as-nails general who exacted discipline and commitment from his soldiers.

But Biggie wasn’t completely heartless, there was a reward for this hard working bunch at the end of the day. With aching limbs and tested spirits, the top six stood by their podiums for an olympic style ceremony. Upon receiving a special Big Brother Mzansi medal, each olympian had to put their blood, sweat, tears and memories into an acceptance speech like no other.

While a terribly grumbling squad, each Olympian proudly took their place on the podium and charged their acceptance speeches with emotion, pomp and circumstance. The speeches had to revolve around the Tasks with an account of just how far their limits were pushed and their Endurance tested.

Kat stepped up on her podium and turned that platform into a soapbox. But she wasn’t alone as her fellow band members Loko and Iris sang a sad song of their aches and pains during the spot running and the cycling marathon Tasks. Their Endurance was indeed battered and butchered this way and that, but Sol and MK summed it all up as stellar teamwork and

Mandla's acceptance speech was most deserving of an Oscar. He pulled out his best Engrish accent and proudly slayed his way through a spectacular vernacular rendition of his speech. For all the stars with stamina Big Brother salutes you for all your persistence. Burn the eternal flame all the way to the Finale.

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